Thursday, October 6, 2011

Brook Trout, North End, NHL Fan Feast..............

Well after I did what I needed to do for work I went to lunch. The food was good and the view was better.

This picture was taken from my table.

As I made my way to my destination on the other side of the Cape, I saw a lot of things I wanted to stop and take pictures of but I had to be judicious otherwise it would have taken me forever to get to Red Brook.

As I went up Route 28, I saw this sight on my left and had to pull over. A tour bus had the same idea but fortunately only a few people got off to buy some pumpkins and take pictures.

After I went over the Sagamore Bridge, I drove along the Cape Cod Canal and decided to stop and see if there were any people striper fishing. There was one guy getting ready as I pulled up but he walked in the opposite direction (was it something I said?). Anyway, within a few minutes a sailboat came by so I took a picture.

That is the Sagamore Bridge in the background.

I found my way to the Reserve and I had the place all to myself.

I fished for less than an hour without seeing any fish except fry but I now have a new destination when I head to the Cape. Here are a couple of pictures of the water where I cast my line. I did lose a Mickey Finn but if you aren't losing flies you aren't fishing (or so I am told). There was a casting pool but the water level was very low. I did cast there for a little bit of time but I only saw fry there.

My next stop was Boston because the Bruins' Opening Night is today and the NHL is broadcasting from the Garden and having a Fan Fest because the Bruins won the Stanley Cup (in case you didn't hear). My oldest son and I decided that we would go to the North End and get something to eat and then head over to the Garden.

As we headed up Canal Street, I heard bag pipes and saw a large crowd. When I got to the crowd there were hundreds of cops, fireman and service people holding hockey sticks marching toward the Garden.

Oh Danny Boy, the pipes are calling........................
We continued up Canal Street and all the bars were filled with people clapping as the parade made its way toward Causeway Street.

Bruins fans everywhere.

We got to the Garden and I believe that I made it onto the NHL Network. We walked around for about 30 minutes and headed back to the bar in the picture above. We had a beer and headed back to the car. Of course I couldn't walk through the North End without getting a cannoli. 

Pretty good day even if I didn't get a brookie!


  1. Sounds like a pretty nice day regardless of the fishing outcome. Did they build a statue of Ray Bourke outside the garden?

  2. Ed,
    A nice trip, with lots happening in one day.
    That little foot bridge looks familiar.
    A truly beautiful area Red Brook.

  3. Hi Howard......Ray doesn't have one but Bobby Orr does have one. I have a picture of it back in one of my July postings. I just like being outside.

    Hi Alan.....yes indeed a lot was packed into one day. Red Brook really was nice place. Now that I know where it is I will swing by more often. Thanks for the help.

  4. Your walk through the north end looks like a lot of fun, beer and hockey. Good luck with the brookies next time, and i am sure the canal will go off soon.

  5. Savage...thanks and the next time you get up to Boston go into the North End.

    Daily Catch ( really good fish but it is really small, there can be long lines (depends on day and time)and it is cash only (don't ask any questions).

    Al Dente is also very good and serves Italian food (

    Of course you can't leave without going to Modern Bakery. Plan on leaving five pounds heavier.