Saturday, September 17, 2011

Merrimack River & Fenway Park Update

I went to the Merrimack River today to fish but it ended up being a scouting mission instead because the area I was told about had no access; however, I did find another place further up the river to fish in the future. Looking forward to catching my first small-mouth bass and whatever else is patrolling the water.

Going to Fenway Park was great (except for the prices of everything and the loss to Tampa).

Heading to the pub before the game.

The view from our seats.

Ted Williams "The Splendid Splinter".

The Prudential Building just outside Fenway Park.

The sun has colored The Prudential red.

The lights are coming on and darkness can't be to far behind.

The darkness has arrived.
The Red Sox lost but I got to spend some time with my oldest son. We met his girlfriend after the game in Kenmore Square and went out to eat. They stayed in Boston and I headed to the T (used my Charlie Card) to go back home. As Carly Simon sang years ago......these are the good old days. Amen to that!


  1. Fenway is a wonderful place.
    The Sox are a wonderful team, although they can break your heart.
    As far as prices, I have a double A team very close in New Britain,"The Rock Cats", the Twins. Good players have come through. We had the Red Sox double A team before Danny D. pulled them out.

    General admission seat $5.00

  2. Hi are right about Fenway being a great take. The weather was perfect, the game had importance and I had great company.

    Pawtucket, RI is about 60 minutes from me, Portland, ME is 90 minutes and Lowell, MA is 15 minutes away. These are Red Sox minor league teams (triple, double & single A respectively). I have been to Lowell games when the kids where younger and it always a good time and cheap. They play at UMASS-Lowell in a beautiful park.

  3. Glad you found some new fishing spots, and i hope they produce well for you. I guess there is not much you can do about the prices at an AL East MLB game. The Mets are giving tickets away.

  4. Thanks Savage....I am hoping to get there next week.

    I have been watching from afar what has been happening to the Mets. That sucks for their fans and baseball. As for the prices, in NYC, Philly and Boston it is the way it goes as you know when the fans want good teams.

    In Baltimore and Tampa, they have problems selling tickets unless the Yankees or the Red Sox come through.

  5. Ah, must be nice. Here in Colorado we love baseball. Alas we only have the Rockies.

  6. Hey Howard....I love being in the city but I try to balance it with being outdoors.

    Although the Rockies are out of it, going to a baseball game is a good take. Also, Denver looks like it has a pretty nice downtown with lots of options.

  7. Watching the Rays and Rangers right now..hard to stomach..what a disappointing end to such a promising Red Sox season.

  8. Yeah PB Man it was disappointing.

    The Red Sox have a lot of cleaning up to do in order to avoid this "club house" crap from happening again.