Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The History of Fly-fishing

Since I am not doing much fishing right now I was wondering if anyone knows of any books that details the history of fly fishing, giants or innovators in the field, etc.


  1. Ed,
    Here are a couple.

    Carrie G. Stevens, by Graydon Hilyard.

    Fran Betters Fly Fishing-Fly Tying and Pattern Guide.

  2. Thanks Alan. I will check them out.

    I just finished reading a book called The Match by Mark Frost. It weaved history of golf into the story and I would like to learn more about fly-fishing.

  3. Any old book by some of the old timers, like George Herter, Ed Brooks or Trout by Ray Bergman are great perspective.

  4. Ed,

    Another wonderful book that tells of the history of dry fly fishing, in the Catskills.

    Land of Little Rivers
    by Austin McK. Francis

  5. Hey Howard....there was an article in TU's magazine about Bergman this month. That seems like another one to put on the list.

    Thanks Alan. I figured between you and Howard I would get some great recommendations.