Thursday, June 16, 2011

Home of The Stanley Cup Champions

It has been a long time since the Boston Bruins have won the Cup but they did last night.

I will be at the parade Saturday.

Make way for the Bruins!

George Washington help beat the British and the Bruins beat the team from British Columbia.  

Paul Revere informed Bostonians that the Bruins had won The Cup.
A few pictures from around town.


  1. It was a long time coming...and after lasts years mishap, all the better!

    From a long time Ray Bourque and Cam Neely fan...Congrats!

  2. Thanks Sanders......boy it sure was a long time and I like to forget last year.

    Neely and Bourque are two guys that are easy to like. If you ever come to Boston, Bourque has a restaurant ( in the North End section of Boston (right near the Garden).

  3. Excuse me...Ray Borque, a long suffering Bruin ended his career with the Avalanche. I know that probably rubs you the wrong way Mac. ;)

  4. Yes it is true that he chased his dream to CO but he is a Boston Bruin. Actually when he went to the Avalanche people in Boston were happy for him because they knew it wasn't going to happen here for him.

    But I have a question for you Howard: Was he inducted into the Hall of Fame as a Bruin or Avalanche player? Let me answer that for you: A Boston Bruin. :)