Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back to Basics

I have allowed myself to post things other than what this blog was intended. Not a big deal I know but I have a lot still to learn and I don't want to forget that. Mark's retirement from blogging made me re-evaluate why I started this blog. If I have something to say about other things I guess I have a Twitter account for that.

So I would like some advice on fishing this type of water. The pictures were taken in Maine this past spring.

Where would the fish be in this stretch of the river?

Is the calm water to the right considered a "pool"?

This is a closer view of the part of the river that is pictured above.

By the way, Happy Father's Day to all the dads.


  1. Everywhere that is not on shore! haha! That's a great stream! Depending on the fish that are in there should determine where you fish. Look deep and/or slow for browns, usually in the "tail-out" or hugging current breaks like behind the rock in the third picture. The foam will tell you where the food path is, usually. The rainbows will usually stick themselves into runs and slightly faster current, Like the head end of the pool on top, or in the current next to the rock on bottom. Brookies are easy to spot. In my neck of the woods, they hang out close to the surface.

    Keep an eye out and work from the back to front. They will tell you where they are. I hope to hear an update from this stream soon!

  2. Thanks BCFN.
    I appreciate the tips.
    Not sure when I will be near there again because that is on Route 1 in Southern Maine and it is officially tourist season now (i.e. traffic jams). May save that one for after Labor Day.

  3. Hey Ed. Cast your fly upstream, mend your line so you have a drag free drift, and have at it. You might also try a streamer (WB or similiar in size 8 or 10) slightly upstream, across, and and swing it across going downstream. Works good on Angels Creek which is about the same size.


  4. Thanks Mark.

    Glad to see you are still checking things out.


  5. Mac, I hope the touristas haven't chased you away from fly fishing.

  6. Hey Howard.....I became one and went on a Caribbean vacation with the family for awhile.

    Hope to get back to fishing and blogging this week.

    No fishing but several locals on Bermuda and St. Thomas were fishing and I struck up a conversation with them.