Thursday, May 26, 2011

Some more firsts.....

Before I started my yard work today I went fly-fishing and I continued to execute my roll cast. I had a much better success rate (and it was nicer looking) when I went down stream. Across the current and upstream are a challenge because the drag on the line but I will figure it out soon enough (no rush anymore because I am in for the long haul and have a new attitude----see below).

I started off using a nymph because I didn't see any bugs or rises when I got to the river. I fished for about 90 minutes and decided to go when I saw a rise for the first time while fly-fishing. I cancelled my plans to leave and switched to a Blue Quill (for no particular reason) and threw it out where I saw the trout rise and made his presence known. It started sinking and I was thinking "what the %#!". Then I remembered that I had bought some " bug float" product. I read the instructions, applied as directed and off it went into the river and it worked (another first........solving a problem on the water).

Last but not least I got a book from the library yesterday titled "Positive Fly Fishing" by Marla Blair. Marla is a guide in western MA and she is the person who gave me an impromptu lesson at the Fisherman's Show recently. By the way, she was also quoted in Field & Stream magazine this month. I started reading the book last night after the Bruins lost (I needed positive thoughts) and the book is about making a person a better angler with the right techniques and ATTITUDE. 

The yard is calling me.......................


  1. Moving right along.
    In time your walking to a stream will trigger positive thoughts.

    I have never read Marla's book, but have heard good things about it.

  2. Slowly but surely Alan. Slowly but surely.

    The book is good for me but I don't think somebody who has been fishing for some time would find to much that they don't know already. It is an easy read and she is a funny.


  3. Ed, I don't think you have to worry about your attitude. Getting frustrated does effect your fishing though.

    Getting into dry fly presentation is a big thing. Looks like you might start having to chase down another rabbit hole...

    You are very meticulous about this stuff, I see you catching a lot of fish when all of your info starts falling into place! Good luck out there!

  4. Hey are right about how one's attitude certainly affects everything (especially fly-fishing in this case).

    Thanks for the best wishes and your are right that "it" will come eventually. I have to remind myself that I am still new at this.

    Tight lines as the old saying goes.

  5. Ed,
    For dries make sure you are fishing by casting upstream that will help them stay above the surface too. There are a few instances to fish down stream with dries but fishing upstream is the easiest way to start in my opinion.


  6. Thanks Mike. I appreciate the advice.

    Even a broken clock is right twice a day (i.e. I did cast upstream with the dry fly for some reason. Maybe the reading is sinking deep into my conscious). :)

    I was roll casting downstream with a nymph.

  7. Hey Mac, just wanted to wish you a fishy Memorial Day.

  8. Thanks Howard.

    My wife and I bought my nephew's son a fishing vest for his birthday and he got it last night. He called us and said that he will be wearing it tomorrow for the first time when his dad, his Papa and me go fishing. Pretty cool stuff if I do say so myself. By the way, my nephew printed out the coloring picture for the contest.

    Have a safe Memorial Day and try to get out and do some fishing yourself.