Sunday, May 15, 2011

One step forward and two steps backwards

I went fishing today at my usual spot this morning. There was already someone there so I asked him if he had any luck and said that he hadn't. He packed up shortly thereafter and I went over to where he was (it was where I caught my first trout). He also told me before he left that they were stacking up underneath the tree so I tried floating the Gold Bead Prince Nymph that way for awhile with no luck.

Then I casted across from me and "bang" the fight was on and I did everything I was suppose to until I reached down to get my net to scoop the trout out of the water. The slack went out of the line and off the fish went. I didn't have another hit for 90 minutes.

In the meantime another guy showed up (and boy was Fonzi wrong about the title of his book) and he is putting fish on left and right. He looked the part with all his Orvis stuff (waders, vest, hat, glasses, etc.) but he backed it up with landing fish (more than I can say). Lets just say that the fish had better social skills than this D&% # H#%&!

Shortly thereafter another person shows up and puts his Powerbait on his hook and catches a Rainbow within minutes. I congratulate him and think to myself maybe I should go back to the care and get my spinner rod just to put one on the board. I resisted the temptation and continued to cast as everyone around me was catching fish. This guy caught his limit and left with three rainbows in his creel (o.k. more like a plastic bag).

Now another guy comes along and asks how it was going and I said everybody is catching fish but me. He laughed and went up the river about 25 yards and he casts into the rapids and pulled out a trout. 

During the interim I was getting hits but unable to land them. Now I am frustrated because not only am I not landing fish but my line is getting knots like on Howard's banner on his blog.

It started to rain and I decided to leave in order to regroup. I guess I was overly optimistic that this would be a linear adventure; however, I now realize that it is going to be one step forward...............


  1. Don't feel too badly Mac. Some days the fish swallow the hook, some days you do...whatever that means.

  2. Thanks Howard.
    I was told by one of the guides in Western MA that I have been providing fishing data updates for (i.e. how many people are fishing, what they are using, etc.) that my lost fish is what is called "long distance catch & release".

    I love to rationalize so I am using this from now on.

  3. Actually Ed you took two steps forward and none backwards.
    You stayed with the fly, and lost one at the net, a good day already. The second step forward was the fact you did not go for the spinning rod.
    Before you make the majors, some farm time is needed.

    You did well.

  4. Ah yes...I practice this quite a bit.

  5. Alan...I appreciate that and I realize that I still have a ton to learn but boy was I aggravated nevertheless. I have to practice my hook setting but more importantly keeping the rod up and the tension on the line. Reading isn't going to get me there. I know that only being on the water and practicing will get me there. is good to know that I am not alone.
    Thanks for sharing. How is the law suit against Blogger coming? :)

  6. It took me many years to have confidence in my fly rod as a way of really catching fish. Once you learn how to use it , it is more effective than worm dunking or spinner fishing and you will catch more trout than ever before. I am still a rookie so all I can say is "believe".

  7. Thanks John.
    I appreciate the thoughts.

  8. Have you been drifting the fly down the rapids or casting to the holes on the far banks? I have only been drifting down the middle, I didn't even think about the far banks until this week. Good job staying with the fly rod... as you read I failed...

  9. I have done both Greer and so hasn't everybody else I saw fishing. People were getting fish in both locations (except me). I have not seen anybody use a dry fly. I haven't seen any rises from trout to the bugs on the surface. I have had dozens of hits with nymphs.

    Hey failure is not an option here. You haven't quit so you haven't failed. Keep on trying and slowly but surely you are whittling away any mistakes you may have been making. Don't forget that perfect practice makes perfect.

    How is school going?

  10. No it isnt... Hopefully my crew races dont take up the entire weekend so i can get down to the river and cast! I want that fish!
    School is winding down... We are in the easier weeks leading up to finals so that may help, as long as I can get my stuydying done

  11. Trust me you will get the fish but this is the dad in me talking now "Do your studying and homework!".