Friday, May 6, 2011

I am the King of all.............shiners!

There is no need to adjust your screen settings folks. The fish below is not the same as my posting a few days ago.

I went fly-fishing this morning before work because we are expecting rain all weekend.

There were plenty of bugs flying about but I never saw a rise so I decided to go with a Pheasant Tail.

I was casting unsuccessfully for a little while and I needed to get to work so I moved to an open spot along the bank as I headed toward my car. I made several more casts to different spots without any hits so I decided one more cast and I would be gone.

I felt the slightest tug on the line and pulled on the line as instructed (no bass hook setting). I didn't feel anything so I thought I missed my opportunity and started to reel in the line to leave (the first time ever I actually planned on leaving after my "one more cast" statement to myself).

As the line got closer to me, I noticed something on the line and low and behold I had another record (i.e. for smallest fish on a fly) for the books.

I had another laugh but I actually learned something today and that is the subtle feel when a fish takes the fly. I realize that these shiners don't put a big load on the line like a rainbow, brookie or brown trout but I did recognize that something was different and that is a step in the right direction. That feeling is stored in the memory bank so when a trout decides to take the fly I will have at least some reference point and act on it accordingly.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms in the audience.


  1. Shiners teaching subtleties. There is always something to learn, eh? I caught some shiners last weekend (my only fish that day too!), and it is definitely a different 'feel' to the line. Fun though!

    Great post...

  2. Thanks Erin.

    I took a half a day today so I may sneak back to the river before the Bruins game tonight.

  3. Mac, people are going to start talking about you and your shiners.

  4. Howard....if it happens again, then no one will ever hear about it. I can only get so much mileage out this before they come and take my new TU membership card back.

  5. Ed - Best of luck to you tonight (I want you to be able to keep your TU membership card!) ;)

  6. What a great start.
    We all have those days Ed.
    At least your fishing.

  7. Erin....someone was listening to you. Check out my latest posting. Thanks. Can you now wish that I hit the lottery tonight? is starting to come together and I am fishing. Now I have to fold in some golf into the week and all will be right with the world (especially if Erin can get me the lottery win).

    I may be heading to the Cape in the next couple of weeks. I may have to tap into your knowledge about some of the places down there. Thanks.