Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A corner turned............

Today is my last day off for a little while so before I started my yard work I decided to check out another section of the river.

Years ago (Before Fly-Fishing (BFF)) I scouted the area for deer and had forgotten about it until Yesterday (you can break out in song Howard). Since it is getting hot and this area of the river is nearly completely shrouded with trees I figured I would give it a try.

First off I had to park in a cemetery and then find a safe path down a steep embankment. The section I  went to at first was a few feet above the river and didn't lend itself a good spot to cast. I walked a couple of hundred yards further and found another section with rapids, boulders and pools (oh my!) but the same conditions as the previous location (i.e. high above the river). Now across from this section there was an area of the river bed that was exposed and it had stones where I could stand; however, to get across was not possible without waders (I will be searching eBay tonight).

I gave myself one hour to fish today so I decided to go a little further (another couple hundred yards) around the bend. There I saw a section of the river I had never seen before. It was if I was looking at Alan's (aka brktrt) Small Stream Reflections blog. I made my way through the brush and knelled down on a bed of river stones to tie on a fly. Since I saw a lot of Dragonflies I decided not to use a nymph but a dry fly (Hendrickson I think but not sure to be honest).

As I started to tie the fly on, I saw a tick on me. Flung his ass into the water and I went back to my business of tying the fly. Then there was another one and then a third. Usually at this point I probably would have left but not today. I decided I will check myself when I get back to the car and the house. I have some fishing to do now.

I didn't catch a fish but this was the longest (in my terms) that I wandered away from my car and put up with steep embankments, brush, barking dogs, bugs and mud (I had to jump to my last fishing spot).

A corner has been turned and I can't go back.


  1. Even the ticks couldn't stop you....get those waders since it looks like there really will be no turning back! Great post.

  2. Very cool. If your getting waders, take my word and get some breathable ones. Nothing is worse that having to use neoprene waders in the summer (HOT.)

  3. Thanks Sanders and Anthony.

    Besides the breathable suggestion, what else should I consider?

    Is there any brand better than others or are they all pretty much the same?

    I have a LL Bean store nearby (as well as a Bass Pro store). I know Orvis has good stuff but it is expensive.

    Maybe this should be poll question......... :)

  4. All my troubles seemed so far away...then I brought home all the bugs to play...

    Well Mac, nobody will ever call you a quitter! I agree with Anthony; got to be breathables. Check around because you can get waders from around $120 on up to $700. Make sure you get a pair that fits well (hard to do online) and are put together well. I believe Bass Pro has a reasonably priced wader.

  5. Hey Howard......nicely done.

    I agree about buying things online. Unless you know the product it is toss up if you get what you wanted.

    I believe I am going to be in the area of the Bass Pro Shop later this week for work. I'll check it out........I think a Bass Pro Shop credit card is in the works! Keep that a secret.

  6. Just don't get lost back there Ed! I wish you would've hooked up with some fish, sometimes it feels like you've found buried treasure.

  7. BCFN.....the river runs parallel to train tracks so I am never in "danger" of getting lost; however, I wish I did catch a fish there it would have been special. The odd thing is this location is only several hundred yards from where I usually fish but it goes around a corner and under the RR tracks. I approached it from the other side of the RR tracks by driving further up the road. On the way out I found an easier path for me the next time. I just have to get some bug spray.