Saturday, April 23, 2011

It Dawns on Marblehead................

Yesterday as I tried to cast to a small pool across the river I realized that I couldn't reach it because of the brush behind.

I thought to myself "If I only had a few more few feet.". Then it occurred to me that waders aren't part of some costume worn by actors in A River Runs Through It (curse that movie for fooling me) but serve a function. Now those of you who have been at this for some time will smile and say "He has a lot to learn." and I would agree and that is why I blog: to learn from the experience that others are willing to share.

With all these light bulbs going off over my head I have to keep an eye out for the Feds because they aren't Compact Fluorescent Lightbulbs!

I also met another fly-fisherman who showed me how to roll cast (of course I heard about it before and had been doing it incorrectly). He told me about a TU Chapter that he recently joined and invited me to come to an upcoming meeting. I just joined a few minutes ago via the web.

Besides my brother-in-law (pictured at the top of the blog) and a co-worker I haven't meet many other fisherman who are willing to share their experience as much as fly-fisherman. I guess because it takes  more effort and perseverance to stay with it and people can relate to your frustration (as I can attest to).


  1. Good for you. Joining TU could be the whirlwind education you've been looking for.

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  3. I think that you are right Howard.

    It will be very helpful to have people right there to show them how I am doing a knot, for example, and have them confirm or correct my technique.

    The person who suggested that I join said that they not only do projects together but head to the water together and this is where I will get an advanced education in all things fly-fishing.

    Rain today so no visits to the river.

  4. Hey Ed. There are so many people out in our blogdom, I'm sure that most of them are willing to provide any and all help they can. Just look at the response you got so far. We're here for you.


  5. Hi Mark,

    Please don't misconstrue my comments because I am very much appreciative of the folks who have taken the time to provide me with feedback, tips, advice, etc. It is humbling to think that I now have over 150 page views per week. It wasn't long ago that I had posts and no one saw them.

    I think the folks at the local TU can help me because they will be able to see the mistakes I making. I take the advice that I get from the people who have shared with me here but I may not be executing it correctly. Having someone to tweak what I have been told is what I am looking for. I don't want to get so frustrated that I give up (I refuse to let that happen).

    The "problem" around here is more people bass fish with spinner and bait casters (not a criticism just a fact) than fly rods.
    So I can't go to the guy in the next office about fly-fishing because he is a bass tournament guy (he does help me with that segment of fishing).

    Thanks again everyone who shares their advice and/or reads my ramblings. I do listen and try what you tell me.

    I have made giant strides in getting to where I wanted through your help.