Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Must see fly tying photography!

I am not sure how many know about this on-line magazine (flymage) but it came to my attention via Orvis' blog (flymage).

For people who tie flies you may appreciate it more than most because you know the skill involved; however, for others the pictures display the craft at its highest level.

You also can get a free subscription (in English or Spanish).



  1. I just clicked on it and the photos are spectacular. That man holding the handful of brookie candy is great

  2. I thought you would like the website.

    That is my good deed for the day!

  3. Unbelievable site! Fly tying and photography skills, just great. Thanks Mac.

  4. Thanks Howard. I thought you would appreciate that website. By the way, I liked your magazine cover.

    I hope that everyone who peeks in on this blog will take a look at these stunning pictures.

    Perhaps through your blog, Alan's, Mel's, DR's and other's more people will be able to view these pictures and will subscribe to the magazine.

  5. I have to say as a skill tying realistic flies is quite an accomplishment. And anyone who does work like that is obviously quite skilled. However, as for visual appeal they do nothing for me. I much prefer the look of a nicely tied traditional pattern. My guess is the trout don't care either.

    No the impuris (sp?) fly at the back...I find that one way more attractive.

    Clearly this magazine is written in another language then translated to english...The part I read describing how to tie the impurdis was very awkward.

    Still thanks for sharing Ed

  6. Hi Mike.........it is a Spanish publication I believe and that may explain the clumsy description..

    The pictures and the flies were impressive.

    This weekend is busy (taking my son to URI, doing some yard work and watching the The Masters) but I am thinking of taking a day off next week and hitting the Shawsheen.

  7. Ed...I am thinking of taking a day off next week. I have been working too much this week. I do have a project due on Friday but I am hoping to squeeze in some fishing...I thought about heading out to the swift river. We'll see I need to get out :)