Monday, March 21, 2011

The soundtrack of your life................

As I was driving to the fly-fishing exhibit yesterday, I was listening to XM's 70's station. Chicago's Old Days came on and triggered a lot of fond memories that I have associated with that song. I know that I am not unique so I have a few questions:

1) What was your first concert and what do you remember about the concert?
2) What is your favorite band/artist and what is their best album and single (not necessarily from the same album)?
3) What song or artist is on your mp3 player that people who know you would be surprised by said song or artist?

1) My first concert was Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic Tour. I remember skipping school and going over some kid's house (who I didn't know) with some friend and getting "ready" for the concert (I'll leave it at that). The other thing that sticks out was there was a person passed out on the floor and others just circled around the person and continued to watch the concert (this was before The Who concert in Cincinnati) so it was a dance concert (no seating in front of the stage).

2) My favorite band is The Beatles but I am going to list my 1A band: U2. Growing up in a mostly Irish neighborhood in Greater Boston there was no question that U2 rivaled The Beatles (who all had Irish ancestors). My favorite album by U2 is War (Joshua Tree a smidgen behind) and my favorite song is One.

3) There are plenty of songs on my iPod that I would have a lot of explaining to do if my friends knew they were there; however, I think Barry Manilow would cause the most grief in my crowd. The song in question is Weekend in New England and I heard it in Paris when my wife and I were there with the kids. I had heard it before then but being in the City of Lights with the woman I love talking about our "neck of the woods" struck a nerve. I could not get the song out my mind and sang it to my bride as we walked along the Seine River on the way to Notre Dame Cathedral. There I did it and now I am out of the Barry Manilow closet and so let the fun begin! Howard I gave you crap awhile ago but your heart shaped rock so you should be the first person to return "fire" on me about this one. Oh just in case this gets back to someone I know I am deleting the song after this posting and will blame this posting on a child who did not get their allowance during sometime in the past.   :)


  1. Yes, Barry Manilow is disturbing for most of us now...but, he was sooo popular back then! (I have to admit that I went to two of his concerts...ugh) Back in awhile with the rest of my answers...

  2. Mac, I don't have to say another word. Anyone who comes out of Barry Manilow's closet doesn't need any crap from me.

    My first concert was The Lovin' Spoonful- I remember that we were told that if anyone touched the band that they wouldn't play. The crowd was less than enthusiastic. It was held at a local dance club.

    My favorite band is The Beatles, but my favorite American band was/is Poco. I've had the pleasure of meeting them several times (especially Richie Furay)and it's been really exciting. Their first album, Picking up the pieces is my favorite.

    I don't carry an MP3 player. In the car I listen to talk radio.

    My favorite concert ever, was The Who. I was a guest of the band and sat on stage next to Keith Moon during the show. I haven't heard well since.

  3. 1) Rush Roll the Bones tour at Great woods. Honestly it was good concert but I am struggling to think of something that really sticks out

    2) Fav Artist: Probably Bill Frisell though I am one of those people that is more into music based on my mood. Some weeks it is jazz...some classic rock...some heavy metal....some bluegrass. Bill's best album is probably "Good Dog Happy Man"...My favorite song his rendition of Madonna's "Live to Tell"

    3) I don't really have an mp3 player but I would say people would be surprised that I am sometimes inclined to leave some pop songs on when I am channel surfing...songs like "soul sister" by train or maybe worse something like "Dynamite" Tiao Cruz

  4. RD......looking forward to the concert, band and song answers.

    Howard..first of all thank you for sparing me the grief. I like Poco too. Now here is something that you will find interesting. My brother-in-law (pictured in the blog photo) played in a band called Odyssey and they played with Buffalo Springfield in Boston (it is his musical claim to fame). I saw The Who in concert back in 1976. A kid I knew saw them and Keith Moon collapsed while playing the first song and the show was rescheduled a few weeks later. The kid couldn't get off from his job again so I traded him Blue Oyster Cult tickets for The Who concert tickets. I ended up back stage and was spitting distance from Roger before they figured out I shouldn't have been there. I guess you and Pete Townsend both have something in common: you both have some hearing loss because of Keith Moon.

    Mike I never heard of Bill Frisell but he sounds like a musician my older son would like to see. Frisell will be at the Regatta Bar in Cambridge on June 17. Maybe I will check him out with my son. I am a mood type music listener also and it ranges from classical to rock and almost everything in between.

  5. Mac, I'm sure there are a lot of people who lost hearing thanks to Keith Moon. The first Who concert I went to, he threw a box full of drumsticks into the audience. Hit a girl in the head and knocked her out.