Saturday, March 5, 2011

Favorite "adult beverage"

Chris over at Eat more Brook Trout prompted this thought.

What is your favorite "adult beverage" before, while or after a day of fly-fishing? Also, if you are so inclined, then what type of cigar do you pair it with?


  1. I've become quite the Irish whiskey fan... Jamesons, Bushmills, etc. Last night, we drank Knob Creek--good Kentucky stuff. Cigars? I'm not much of an aficionado... but I know what I like...


  2. I have heard good things about Knob Creek but haven't tried it yet. How would you describe the taste, etc.?
    Thanks Chris.

  3. Lately more and more my beverage of choice for relaxing at the end of any day has moved from beer to some sort of distilled beverage (cognac and scotch mostly).

    I am still very much an amateur but I have found plenty I like. Right now I am drinking an Aberlour 16 year old single malt and a Pierre Ferrand Ambre (an excellent cognac under $50)

    I am lucky enough to live near a liquor store which has an annual whiskey fest (free of charge)as well as smaller tasting (also free) every Wednesday. These have helped in my learnings about whiskey as well as allowed me to taste stuff I could never afford.

    Chris this year at the Whiskey Fest I was able to taste a Single Barrel Knobb Creek. It was a little more rounded than regular Knobb but had all the right flavor elements (caramel and a nice spicyness). It was also cask strength so it was more potent than the usual 100-proof Knobb.

  4. I don't drink very often but I do like a glass of wine as long as its not a dry wine.
    I also like "Fly Creek" hard cider.

    It go's well with a Celtic Sojourn.

  5. I'm a Diet Pepsi guy all the way; before, during and after. One of my favorite traditions after fishing is a fine Mexican dinner with a Dos Equis.

  6. Howard.....your choice for after fishing seems about right because you are the most intriguing man in the fly-fishing blog world.

    Alan I usually would drink a Guinness while listening to a Celtic Sojourn but maybe I will give the cider a try.

    Mike that is a good idea to find a place that has tastings (it appeals to my Celtic roots of being frugal).

    Chris I imbibe Jameson once in awhile.

  7. I'm with Howard on this one, Diet Pepsi. Though I am trying to drink less Diet anything these days. Occasionally, a non-alcoholic Michelob will do.

  8. Mel.....that works. I am not a big drinker and it usually revolves around cigar smoking (and that happens mostly during the summer).

  9. Since I don't smoke and rarely drink, the only thing I have in my cooler when I'm on the water, is water. Couple that with a sandwich and a couple of chocolate granola bars and I'm good.


  10. Oh, Mac I forgot about the cigar part...remember the old double bubble cigar-shaped bubble gum?

  11. Hey Howard....your blog entry on KYND is at the top of newest fly-fishing posts. For those of you who haven't gone there yet it has a much to offer.

  12. Knob Creek is a pretty smooth bourbon ... it gets better after a swirl through ice. It's a bit more mild than, say, Maker's Mark, but it's in the same "family" in terms of depth and character.