Friday, February 25, 2011

This year's goals

The snow is slowing melting as the warm rain falls from the sky today. This has prompted me to think about my first year of fly-fishing as spring quickly approaches and what are my goals. I have several and they are rather simple: gather all the necessary equipment I will need to make this an enjoyable and "successful" year; learn to attach the fly to the line securely; find trout, cast accurately to where they are located and then land any fish that I am fortunate to hook. Oh yeah and not to put to much "pressure" on myself to be perfect immediately.

These are simple goals for sure but what are your fly-fishing goals as spring approaches?

Also, what are some valuable "lessons" that you have you learned over the years that you would pass along to an inexperienced angler?


  1. Mac, I've already mentioned, but worth mentioning again. Take the time to take some casting classes. It will help you before you develop bad habits. Don't place high expectations on yourself. There is knack to using the right fly, recognizing where the fish are and casting to them without spooking them. ENJOY!

  2. Just to take a look at your initial equipment ie: rod, reel, line. I would like to suggest that you purchase the best equipment you can afford to begin with. Whatever cost level that may be, I am not an advocate for buying packaged deals all wrapped in a cellophane wrapper. Make sure your rod, reel, line are balanced correctly. Someone at the local fly hangout can help you with that. It is hard learn to cast with equipment that is not balanced for effective casting. Ok, I am a retired fly fisher so I am out of here!

  3. well my goals for the year in no particular order:

    Catch a striper on a fly

    Fish more of the swift river in central mass

    Try to fish a hatch

    Some starting points for you.
    I think taking a casting class is good or find someone to get you started. Also practice on a lawn if you can that way you can focus on fishing when you get to the stream. Remember to get started you don't need to cast to far here in new england.

  4. There have been several good points made already. I'll just tell you that from my point of view, every time you fish a stream you'll learn something new, and sometimes the frustration will get to you. It will seem like nothing's working, but you'll learn from what your doing wrong, and each outing will be better than the last. There's no failure in fly fishing.

  5. Gentleman,
    Thank you for the advice.
    I am taking notes and hopefully I will be a good "student". I am going to use a note pad while fishing. I did this when I first started golfing (hole, club, weather, etc.) and it was very useful. I looked at "journal" apps for the iPhone and none appealed to me.

    Mel I stumbled into your invaluable advice because I went to LL Bean a few years ago(yes I have had some of my gear for several years sitting in the corner) and they helped me with my selection. Howard and Mike I will be taking classes somewhere very soon and will practice on the lawn when this snow goes where it belongs (in the streams and ponds). Alan I will try to remember your words when I am on the water and thinking I am better than I am in reality.

    If you have posted your GOALS, then please do.

  6. Ed,
    Here's a few handy take a longs.

    Brk Trt