Tuesday, February 8, 2011


As it gets closer to spring time (at least on the calendar), I want to get ready for my first fly fishing adventure.

Several years ago I bought a LL Bean Quest 8'6" 5 Wt 2piece rod that came with a Quest I reel with line.

The "issue" is I never used this set up and I was wondering if I should replace the line.

Does fly fishing line have "memory" like other lines? If it does, then can this new line
have the "memory" removed?

Any suggestions on what type of line to use with this type of rod & reel coupled with zero experience?

Also, I want to purchase my first vest. There are several to choose from and I would like some input on what one is the most practical for a novice who doesn't have tons of flies and other accouterments.



  1. Your fly line should be OK to use.
    Fly lines do have a memory, but if you strip off a few yards at a time and gently stretch it, it will straighten out.

    As far as a vest, I haven't used one for years, I use a chestpack.

  2. Hi Mac,

    I don't know anything about the Quest rod or reel. If the line was on it when you bought it, I would pull Maybe 50' off the reel and examine it for breaks in the coating or any other problems. If it's decent line and in decent shape, at the cost of good line, I'd say keep it. My choice of of trout line is Rio Gold or Trout.

  3. Mac, I think you can get a decent fly fly for a lot less than $60. Check deals on eBay for one. There are some lines that are better than others, but I don't think many of us fish enough to really know the difference. I also use Cortland lines which are usually less expensive.

  4. Mac....as long as the line it came with is either double taper out weight forward you should be ok....for trout fishing here in new england you aren't going to be making very long casts....as others have mentioned you will need to straighten your line from time to time...you just gently give it a tug. look at small chest pack if you don't have so lot of stuff

    I am another who favors a chest pack...I have a small one since I try not to load myself down.